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Friday, October 30, 2009

UP's and DOWN's


This few days din communicate wif baby much..i feel bad >.<...tried to apologize but wenever i do so, sure got ppl come kacau me 1..i get tired REALLY easily now so i prefer to slp wenever i feel sleepy..but baby is diff...i reli lubb baby..dats y i feel like im hurting her alot ......i hope she understands and forgives me...

anyway..time is flying fast as usual..and my BALI trip is nearing...i wonder how baby will be wen i go to BALI..omg..>.<...a blink of an eye, me n baby 2year2months d..and tomoro v 2year3months..haha..im happy dat im wif her..but im sad cz i keep hurting her ;unconciously...im reli sorry baby!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

♥ a day out to sunway lagoon

me n hubby went to sunway lagoon yesterday.
we very enjoy when we're together.

dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market


the menu

i took this!


ymmmy! we finish all!

im pulling hubby's hand. calling him to stand up

♥ we have no time to take pics coz we're busy having fun! ♥

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Everyone knows that ITALY is a country..well..not many can tell what ITALY actuali stands for..

It stands for

I = I
T = Trust
A = And
L = Love
Y = You

I said this to baby during the early times in our relationship..i guess she dont quite understand the T in I.T.A.L.Y yet... =( ..

I open the blog..well..nearly everyday..bcoz i like d songs..but i juz notice that ONLY at my home..wen i open this blog it has more than one song..im not sure y..but wen i told baby this..she says im lying to her..

Everyday i get and have to go thru dis mistrust thingy..........

It is so hard to trust your own boyfriend....?Last time it was hard for me..but den i've grown out of it and trust my baby..but wen i like this..she tot i dun lubb her d..cz i din control her much..zzz... =((..

I dunno what to do..Im trying my best to give her everything...but she cant c dat...........

Im happy that she worries bout me..but v 2years d...and im not d one that keep doing 'mistakes'..i hope she understands..i know by writing this post i am taking a risk....and honestly..i already know the consequences..well..juz hope she understands ..


PS:....... =(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

♥ sleep the whole day

yesterday i walk many..so very tired..
2day woke up at 9.30 sumthing..
after my breakfast i watch tv for a few hours.
then i sleep almost the whole day.
i was lying on my bed n i fall asleep..
then i think about hubby..he have class today until 6..
he sure very very tired...
so maybe will call him sleep earlier today..
hubby...thanks n i u

Monday, October 19, 2009

♥ 19oct ->a day out with hubby<-

hubby very sayang me.. =)
yesterday night he called me..n said he can go out with me today.
hehex! im really happy n regret that i wrote yesterday.
ok..i reach his house on 9.45am.
but we start swimming on 10.30am.
we end on 11.45am. and we're goin to pavilion to have our lunch.
then we meet chun yap at sri petaling lrt.
after tat hubby n me go buy movie ticket first.
we watch "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" in 3D.
movie starts on 2pm. so we went to lunch first.

this is the japanese restaurant that we had lunch

hubby and inside of the restaurant

"Ton Chan" menu


eye bagsss

cold n refreshing ocha

stupid goku =D

today was awesome!
but i hate waiting LRT

Sunday, October 18, 2009

♥ damn it...

damn...i wanted 2 go swimming with carl...
at first he said he have a study group with his frens n cant..
at last he said "okay...okay..i'll go.."
ok...im so damn happy because i can see him tomorrow..
i've already choose what am i goin to wear...
and imagine when we're swimming..sweet..
i've been very exited !
bt at last...he cancel it !
fuck! im reli reli mad...............
everytime having those fucking excuses..
i know he WILL scold me when he see what im writting now..
ok...i really don't fucking care...
cause im sick of it...
i tolerate very long but finally im burst..
i talk to him with no emotion...
to avoid argueing..
damn it..

what the hell??
im mad of him bt i miss him?!
what happen to me...haiz

Saturday, October 17, 2009

♥ lunch at Westin Hotel

2day i had my lunch at westin hotel which near pavilion.
there's a lot of food...
my favourite is the lamb with blue cheese..
omg...reli very nice..the lamb is very tender n soft.
the blue cheese is very nice even it smells a bit smelly..lol
i didn't took pics of the food i eat..coz i eat until i lazy 2 take pics

this is the place i had my lunch

cute & small.. =D

hahax! take pics forever

ok...2day there's a woman keep looking at me..smilling at me
she's weird n i juz smile bac..
den she call my mum n talk 2 my mum..im curious so i asked my mum what happen
the woman said she cant stop looking at me.. swt =.=
im like ' what the hell??'

then we went to Isetan for grocery...n i saw a group of ppl exercising doin event..
omg...got old old auntie wearing a half piece shirt... eww...
hahax! coz she got "tyre"
this is the shopping bag i used 2day..

ok...my damn credit expire n i duno..swt..i cant text hubby... =(
wen i notice im already home...
damn it..

okay...my eyes is seriously weird..
my bro told me tat my eye is left bigger n right smaller..
i din notice bt after taking those pics..
i only realise my eyes r big n small..

oh ya!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

♥my hershey

these r hershey's photos..
she's soo cute! omg..
haha i love her very very much =)

hershey is a sleeping puppy ♥
dogs are precious
don't abuse dem..
u love dem, dey love u

Sunday, October 11, 2009


2day my family,hubby n me went 2 summit..
bcoz there r dogs n puppies waiting 2 adopt
i've choose a famale puppy..
she's a cute puppy :)
i love her so much^^
she's very nice n smart
wen v're eating or inside the car,she wun poo or pee..she'll hold it
wen she reach my house,she kip looking outside n wanna go out
bcoz she wan 2 poo..bt i dunoo..haha
finally she cant hold it n poo on the floor..
she's lik a sleeping pig..she loves 2 sleep. so cute!!

thank god for giving me tis dog

Friday, October 9, 2009

cant feel ur love ANYMORE...

y r u always like tat??
always oso no mood...
haiz....duno wad happen 2 u..
i reli reli cant feel ur love ANYMORE...

u're diff from last time...
last time u're a loving person..
bt nw??
i reli dunoo wad person r u..
sumtimes good sumtimes bad...
hot n cold...
love me or not?

natural is beautiful =)


i've tried  the "mei tu xiu xiu" photo editor..
ok...tis is reli so damn fake...
hahax! i din put fake eyelash b4..
nw i noe if i pt tat is seriously fake!
hahax! i tink the natural 1 is much more nicer :)
coz hubby dun lik girls tat make up
natural is beautiful =)
make up makes fake

Thursday, October 8, 2009



♥ exam is really awesome 2day!!

2day i had english n science exam..
quite easy..hahax! im reli very happy bout it!
reli thank god,my family,my frens n most important is my hubby!
he gif me support everyday ^^
my frens oso let me feel relax n wun be stress.. =)
hope i can get As..hehe
hehe..im so lucky tat my parents din stress me out =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sorry XD


ok..its been a few weeks since i last updated this blog..im sry..pretty busy with university..

ANYWAY!...im here to wish my baby the BEST OF LUCK for her PMR!..yeapp..she is having her PMR this week and i pray for her that she will do her best and not give up no matter what because im alwiz here to support her =D..



Monday, October 5, 2009

PMR is comming....♥

ok.....pmr is reli comming...7oct start....
time pass reli very fast...
im worry bout my pmr result actually..i hope i can do well in my pmr
im here 2 wish all of the form3 students a very good luck in their pmr
im more exited 2 see 'sushi' sushi is a dog tat i adopt..
reli thanks 2 yih mei!  i hope i can train sushi 2 become a good n loving dog ^^
i'll upload his photo soon in my blog n facebook. :)
im oso very exited 2 go out wit my hubby n friends after pmr ^^
all the best!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

my ♥..


hahax!i edit tis pic...
but..! i write the 'love' 1.. :)
after a tiring day...i've done tis
i study from morning until dinner time...
i jz haf rest time on bath,breakfast,lunch 2day...
gosh....history is reli a boring subject..

best friends will never betray u....
best friends will always support u no matter what...
some ppl dun hav a best friend in their life..
bt im lucky to hav so many best friends..
tats y i ♥ my friends !

Saturday, October 3, 2009

back to my last time


guess who..?
hahax! its me!!
i've grown up so much!
im born 2 meet u.. :)

love is me n you...


love is forever....
wont stop loving you..
[i took tis pic myself :) ]
edited by baby

you...complete me...

i love summer


Sunday, September 27, 2009

engagement ring..

In the future , i want this ring for the engagement sign. :)

my dream weddding is a very sweet n warm wedding...
different colours of roses around...
my fav love songs r playing...
nice wedding dresses...
aww...so sweet!!

♥carmen's day out♥

♥carmen's day out♥
holiday...of coz im goin out  :)
i love holidays!

i love myself!!